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Excel Auto Services Repairs

Here at Excel Auto Services we have the Experience and Expertise for quality repairs and diagnostic
 services for the following Vehicle Manufacturers


 Below is a list of the Most Common Repairs Which We Can Carry Out On Your Vehicle 

  • Vehicle Servicing  (see Servicing Section)
  • Brake Systems including ABS
    Front Brake Pads & Brake Discs
    Rear Brake Pads & Brake Discs
    Rear Brake Shoe Overhauls
    Handbrake Cables
    Electric Handbrakes Serviced & Reset With Diagnostic Equipment
    Hydraulic Systems (Pipes, Hoses, Calipers Cylinders & Fluid Renewal etc)
    ABS Brake Sensors 
  • Cooling Systems & Airconditioning
    Heater Matrixs

    Antifreeze Renewals
  • Exhaust Systems 
    Oxygen/Lambda Sensors
    Front, Centre & Tail Pipes
    General system leaks attended to
  • Steering
    Power Steering systems (Hydraulic or Electric)
    Steering Racks/Boxes
    Steering Pumps
    Steering Column Bush & Joint Renewals
    Track rods/Track rod ends
    Laser Wheel Alignment Checks
      & Adjustments
  • Suspension 
    Shock Absorbers Front & Rear
    Coil Springs Front & Rear
    Ball Joints Upper & Lower
    Wishbones Upper & Lower
    Antiroll bar bushes
    Antiroll bar Droplinks Front & Rear
    Top Suspension Bushes/Bearings
  • Transmission
    CV Boots Outer & Inner
    CV Joints
    Wheel Bearings

  • Ignition
    Ignition Coils
    HT Leads
    Spark Plugs


    Distributor Caps & Rotor Arms
  • Fuel Systems
    Petrol Fuel Pumps
    Petrol Fuel Injectors
    Fuel Tanks
    Diesel Fuel Pumps
    Diesel Fuel Injectors
    Fuel Lines & Filters
  • Belts & Tensioners
    Cambelt/Timing Belt Kits
    Cambelt/Timing Belts
    Drive/Fan Belts
    Power Steering Belts
  • Electrical
    Heater Motors
    Wiper Motors
    Electric Window Motors
    Various Engine Sensors (Cam Sensor, Crank Sensor, Mass Air Flow, Throttle Potentiometers)
    Car Stereos & Audio Accessories
    Starter Motors
  • Lighting
    Tail Lamps
    Front Fog Lamps
    Headlamp Beam Test/Alignment

(All prices quoted for repairs exclude VAT)


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