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Excel Auto Services
38/40 Belhaven Road
Wishaw ML2 7NX

TEL: 01698 373233

Email: info@excelautoservices.co.uk

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Excel Auto Services carry out MOT Testing on Cars, Vans & Motorcycles



Excel Auto Services MOTs Cars & Vans £39.99 .Vosa Price £54.85

 Excel Auto Services MOTs for Motorcycles £29.65 .

(MOTS are not subject to VAT)

 If your Car or Motorcycle is 3 years or older you are required by law to have an annual safety check commonly known as the MOT. The purpose of the MoT test is to ensure that vehicles meet the MINIMUM safety standards required by law.

During the MoT test the nominated tester, a person authorised by the government body called VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) will conduct an inspection and a comprehensive series of checks around the vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet, under the vehicle and the condition of the tyres. The result of each check is recorded on VOSA's National Database- if the vehicle passes the MOT a VT20 Pass certificate is issued this includes any advisories noted during the test. If the vehicle fails to meet the Minimum required standard a VT30 Failure document is issued this also includes any advisory items noted during the test.

We would like to share your MOT resposibility with you to ensure your vehicle meets and passes the MOT criteria. We can provide you with an accurate cost of any repairs or adjustments required allowing you to collect your pass certificate (VT20) which will then help you road tax your vehicle online.

All our Technicians at Excel are Fully Qualified and highly trained and take great pride in their work our service is fast, reliable, and highly cost effective. Our garage and MOT centre for cars,vans and Motorcycles is directly opposite the new Tesco store in Wishaw. Why not have your car MOT'd and serviced while your shopping, we can simply phone or text you when your vehicle is ready.


Tel 01698-373233


Our car garage and MoT test centre is based in Wishaw directly opposite the new Photobucket


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